Craziest Speedboats to Hit the Water

Welcome to Marine Theme Week here at the CRO Blog. This week, we will cover all things relating to boats and recreational activities in the water. We begin the week with three of the craziest speedboats out there.

Anyone who enjoys excitement in the water appreciates a solid speedboat. These sea vessels range in size and features. When a person wants to be noticed, here are three of the craziest speedboats that are sure to impress everyone.


Cigarette Racing 46′ Rider

Cigarette Racing 46' RiderTo elevate the status of a speedboat, Cigarette Racing has created one of the most impressive sea vessels of all times. It was inspired by the unique styling and elegance of the 2010 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Gullwing supercar. This speedboat includes a pair of twin-turbocharged 552-cubic-inch Mercury Racing engines, which produce 1,350 horsepower. Since this boat is capable of exceeding 130 mph, it is one crazy racer.

The sparkling AMG Alubeam silver paint job was hand-applied and has been described as a “metallic skin.” Inside, the marine-grade upholstery was made to copy the white Nappa leather of the Mercedes SLS AMG car.


Lancia Powerboat

Lancia PowerboatBack in 2009, Lancia, a famous Italian race car manufacturer, joined Christian Grande to build aspeedboat. Its fiberglass hull is 13.1 meters long, and capacity is 11 people. For the sunbathing enthusiast, the deck includes four mattresses and a unique teak bathing platform.

To maintain clean lines, there are no perimeter handrails. LED lights were placed under the transom and front windscreen, which resemble Lancia’s car lights. The cockpit hood has a retractable roof that can be opened for top monitoring.

Besides luxury features, performance is impressive. The two “crazy” 1,120 horsepower diesel engines allow the boat to top 63 mph. Even when the boat is merely enjoying a leisurely cruise, the Martini Racing graphics provide a finishing touch that screams “speed.”


540 Sundancer Speedboat

540 SundancerOne of the most expensive speedboats is the 540 Sundancer. With a cost of approximately $2 million, its extravagances are worth the price. The vessel boasts “skyhook” technology so that it remains stable without dropping anchor. For added convenience, docking is controlled with a joystick. It is “crazy” cool and acts like a small home on the open water. It includes a 50-inch flatscreen television, electric hardtop sunroof, 21.5 kW Onan diesel generator and Dual Raymarine e125 widescreen displays with high-definition radar. There is no better place to party or enjoy speed in utter luxury than on this boat.