Classic Tuesdays – 1955 Oldsmobile 98

For years, Oldsmobile was a staple for General Motors. The 1950s era was a crucial time for the American automobile industry. New technologies were becoming available, and innovative designs brought increased profits. A prime example of the style and power of this time was the 1955 Oldsmobile 98.


1955 Oldsmobile 98 Background

During the 1950s, car buyers expected power, luxury and style. In response, Oldsmobile amped their cars with powerful engines and long lists of amenities. One of the best cars of this era was the 1955 Oldsmobile 98.


Features of the 1955 Oldsmobile 98

1955 Oldsmobile 98The entire line of 1955 Oldsmobile contained an X-member frame. The larger 98 series had a 126-inch wheel base and included numerous standard features not available on other models. The exterior design was styled with a wide grill, empowering side trim and an attractive hardtop roofline. At the time, this car was at the height of popularity. The two-door hardtop, or “Holiday” version, was especially coveted for its B-pillar-free roof. This provided a sportier look than a sedan and accented the uninterrupted lines.

Inside, trim and upholstery were top notch. The 1955 Oldsmobile 98 contained a deluxe steering wheel, roomy cabin and foam rubber seat cushions. Thanks to the wide wheelbase, this vehicle provided a smooth and enjoyable ride.


1955 Oldsmobile 98 Performance

Since the 1955 Oldsmobile 98 weighed approximately 3,800 pounds, its performance was respectable. This car combined the best Oldsmobile “Rocket” V8 engine, an independent front suspension, a four-speed HydraMatic transmission and a live rear axle with leaf springs. To keep things quiet, the car was equipped with hydraulic valve lifters as well. It provided 202 horsepower at 4,000 RPM.

When car enthusiasts remember the 1955 Oldsmobile 98, the Jet Age styling, stainless trim, vibrant colors and miles of chrome come to mind. The wraparound window was also an important feature, which improved visibility. Overall, this vehicle gave the impression of success without going over the top.