Classic Rides from Classic Holiday Movies

Welcome to the Christmas Eve edition of Christmas Theme Week here at the Cool Rides Online blog. If you are traveling today, have a safe trip. For all our readers, we hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season.

As for Christmas Theme Week, so far we took a look at three tricked out Santa Sleighs and what to buy a muscle car lover for Christmas. Today we feature some of the classic rides from holiday themed movies.

When it comes to holiday movies, automobiles can certainly add to a film’s overall atmosphere and character. The three vehicles below were featured prominently in movies about the holidays that have achieved classic status since their initial theater run.


1972 Ford Condor II Recreational Vehicle from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

rv National Lampoon's Christmas VacationIn this 1989 comedy classic, the hapless Griswold family from Chicago gets an unexpected visit from Cousin Eddie, who arrives with his own family in an incredibly ramshackle Ford Condor II. The Griswold clan learns that the dumb but kind Cousin Eddie lost his home to Reaganomics, which left his family broke. As a good holiday deed, Mr. Griswold offers to take in Cousin Eddie’s family for the holidays, which results in plenty of National Lampoon antics. Although this is a very funny movie, lovers of classic Ford Condor II RVs will not laugh at the extremely dilapidated state of Cousin Eddie’s motor home.


1937 Oldsmobile Six from A Christmas Story

1937 Oldsmobile Six from A Christmas StoryThis classic American film evokes the feeling of living in simpler and more prosperous times. A Christmas Story does a wonderful job of depicting life in the Midwest at a time when the nation had fully recovered from the Great Depression, and this historical fact was not lost on casting a 1937 Oldsmobile Six four-door sedan. The elegant Art Deco styling of this Oldsmobile was featured prominently in the film, and some maintenance issues were addressed: One was the car’s proclivity to freeze up during the Ohio winter, which was not uncommon for other cars at that time; another scene actually featured the Parker family being forced to change a flat as they were driving home for the holidays. Classic Oldsmobile fans will certainly enjoy seeing this stylish car in all its sparkling glory in this film.


1987 Ford Mustang GT from Casper’s Haunted Christmas

1987 Ford Mustang GT from Casper’s Haunted ChristmasThe Ford Mustang is an iconic film in many action films, but it does not appear in too many holiday movies. An exception is Casper’s Haunted Christmas, an animated film from the year 2000 that features quite a few cars from the 1960s through the 1990s. Two computer-animated 1987 Mustangs can be seen in this film: One is candy-apple red, third-generation 5.0 GT convertible with the top down, the other is painted lime green and is left abandoned and idling at a desolate drive-in movie theater. As usual, Casper is tasked with scaring at least one person in this movie; naturally, he is not able to do so due to his friendly demeanor.