Celebrity Classic Car Collectors – Jerry Seinfeld

In our previous post of celebrity classic car collectors we featured former Tonight Show host Jay Leno. Today our feature celebrity classic car collector is  comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Seinfeld resides in New York City and manages to store a massive car collection in a quiet Manhattan garage. Among the cars in storage, Seinfeld owns multiple Porsche vehicles and other rare finds. Here is a closer look at the multi-million dollar stash.


1949 Porsche 356/2

1949 Porsche 356-2This vehicle is one of the first Porsche models ever manufactured. It was crafted in Porsche’s first Austrian factory, a converted sawmill. It is extremely rare and estimated to be worth $700,000. In fact, it is number 40 out of 50 in the series. It has a hand-hammered outer shell crafted from aluminum. The most distinctive feature is the split windshield. It contains mechanical brakes and is powered by a 1100cc air-cooled engine. Originally, this car was used by Porsche as an experimental vehicle. It was this type of car that was used to test hydraulic brake systems within the brand. After Seinfeld purchased the car, he commissioned Paul Russell and Company to retain its function without changing any originality. Today, it is the oldest original condition Porsche in the world.


Porsche 959

Porsche_959Another rare Porsche in Seinfeld’s collection is the 959. It is reported that he dropped $700,000 on this vehicle. Only 337 were ever created because it was originally built to be a rally car. At the time, it was the world’s fastest street-legal car. This car brings him great pride and disappointment at the same time. He cannot use the vehicle because it is not legal to drive the model in this country. It has not been government tested for omissions or crash test standards. The only way Jerry was able to import the car was by signing an “exhibition-only” agreement.


Porsche 993

jerry-seinfeld-Porsche-911-Seinfeld’s Porsche 993 wears a license plate that reads “Last” on it. It was the last air-cooled Porsche vehicle ever produced and was developed during a difficult financial time for the company. Many car enthusiasts believe that the 993 was a true descendant of the original Porsche 911 because of the floor-mounted pedals, five-bezel instrument panel and horizontal six-cylinder motor.

Jerry Seinfeld is known as a funnyman, but his car collection is no laughing matter. He is a very private person but has been seen around town and on television driving some of his possessions. Obviously a Porsche fan, he reportedly owns 47 of the rarest and best. To protect his collection, he houses his cars in a monitored, high-tech, HVAC-controlled unit with a real-time view feed of the interior.