Cat’s Roar Magnum

Cats Roar MagnumThis is The Cats Roar Magnum, a 2011 SEMA bound car built in support of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL The Art work (By Mike Lavallee of Overhauling fame) is 18 layers of HOK Shimrin paints with the last half almost entirely hand painted airbrushing or handbrushing. 6 layers of Clear tops it off and keeps it looking like art under glass. The Orange in the nose is representative of the sunrise in Africa with the Fire, Grunge, Cracking, and Lighting calling attention to the strife and turmoil plaguing Africa and the natural dangers faced by African wildlife. The colors fade through sunset and into the deepest of nights as you reach the back of the car. The Leopards and Lions are both endangered African Cats and meant to bring attention to both Africa’s wildlife and the plight of Big Cats around the world. Every view the car receives brings attention to the organizations supporting these beautiful animals, Our Fantastic sponsors and Big Cat Rescue the premier Big Cat sanctuary in the country.

This car will be one of the only HEMI Hybrid in the world when complete (Mid Aug) and will have a lifetime Oil Filter to boot, so almost entirely Green.

This car is over 80% fully sponsored with about 150K in makeover parts and labor.

Owner: John D Callison,

 Artist: Mike Lavallee,

 Project and Web Media Name: “Cats Roar Magnum Project”,

 Marketing Teams: VF MotorSports, Aimee Schackelford LLC, and The Drew Morgan Company .

Car will Debut at the Verizon Extreme Autofest on Aug 13th at the San Mateo Expo Center

Primary Sponsors can be found on their facebook fanpage! Please CLICK and “Like” them on facebook to support their cause!