Carroll Shelby “Rev Your Engine” celebration heard round the world

Though it’s been weeks since his passing, the automotive world is still mourning the great loss of racing giant Carroll Shelby. (If you missed our memorial tribute to the real most interesting man in the world, check it out here.) And one of the ways that car fans collectively showed their love and adoration for Shelby and all his achievements was to participate in the official Carroll Shelby Tribute Celebration.

“We rallied Shelby enthusiasts from Team Shelby, Shelby American Automobile Club, Shelby Dodge Automobile Club and Mustang Club of America regions globally to gather in honor of our hero and friend, Carroll Shelby,” John Luft, the president of Shelby American, said in a release prior to the event. “The ‘Rev Your Engine’ salute will be heard around the world and include a ceremonial waving of the checkered flag in honor of Carroll’s astonishing career.”

The formal ceremony was held on May 30th at 7 p.m. pacific daylight time at the Petersen Automotive Museum, the notable Los Angeles-based museum that exhibits rare and classic vehicles. The webcast of the event began one hour earlier.

In addition to a formal ceremony, car lovers across the world were encouraged to rev their engines in unison in honor of Shelby, and those who missed out on the ceremony can still see evidence of the moving tribute online.

What’s amazing about these video testimonials is the wide range of participants, many of which came in classic or new Mustangs despite the pressures of finishing work before the long weekend. On YouTube, car lovers can watch meetings like the ones that took place in Winchester, Virginia, at the George Washington Hotel, the Hooters in Downers Grove, Illinois, and the Casa Ford Lincoln dealership in El Paso, Texas, among many, many others.