Carlisle All-Ford Nationals 2017

This year’s Ford Nationals was just as massive as last year’s with right around 3,100 cars attending the event.
 Most of the cars attending seem to be Mustangs as that is what I could see everywhere I looked. Of course, they seem to be the flag ship car of Ford. I set up the booth on Thursday afternoon and walked around a little to see what was there. Most of the vendors had closed for the evening but I did find out that Showtime was there selling 303® products so I had someone to refer people to if they wanted to buy product.

When I checked into the hotel I noticed that there was a gathering in the lobby breakfast area. I found out later that it was the International Thunderbird Club. They were staying in the hotel and had plenty of their cars in the parking lot as well as the show field exhibition area. They had some beautiful cars and it was like a t-bird show in the parking lot of all years of t-birds. On the grounds, there was a special tent set up for them with the various years under it.

If you need parts to restore or repair your classic or current Ford or Ford Co. ride this is a great place to find that rare part you may not be able to find. They have a huge flea market set up for all of these parts. There are also other things like tires, toys, etc. that are collectible for those looking for them.

One of the attractions also was a large collection of Ford GT’s.  They had an invitational tent area set up with them in it as well as several outside. Each day they did a parade lap around the grounds. From my booth location they passed right behind me and I was able to get some video as well as did a Facebook Live on Saturday to share them. These are some amazing works of art.

One of the buildings also had a display of the Mercury Cougars since it was the 50th anniversary of the Cougar. There was also a Battlebird recreation as well as the 1957 Mercury Mermaid which appeared on the cover of Hot Rod magazine in July 1957. There was also a replica of the Batmobile used in the Batman series. All of these were very cool cars.

Talked to many people about the products and they just love 303® products. Especially the Protectant. They claim they have used many others and just do not like the greasy feel of it. The love how the Protectant gives and nice matte finish shine and does not attract dust and lasts. Also that it has the UV inhibitor in it.

Saturday they had the bikini contest which is always well received by the male population. Later they had the burnout contest. One of the GT owners decided to compete. It was really hard to believe that he would want to put a $200,000 plus car in this competition. He went first and it took a bit for him to actually get locked in due to the amount of horsepower. He actually did well but did not go the full three minutes allotted to him for obvious reasons. Several other cars went after him but he was able to retain the top spot for a while. Finally the one everyone was waiting for came around the corner. The school teacher, Nick Szczerba, in his Ford F100 4×4, blew both rear tires once again and became King of the Hill and won the burnout competition. This truck is built for this. He enjoys it. He also competes in the All-Truck Nationals as well in August and usually wins at the competition. He is hard to beat.

Shortly thereafter everyone lined up to parade downtown for the All-Ford parade down main street. They had people lining the streets waiting to see all of the classic cars and new ones as well. It was quite the scene. They also have a band that plays on the square as well as the restaurants and bars have food and drinks specials for all to enjoy.

This is a great show and Ford has a nice presence there with their new cars and trucks. I would not mind being given a new Mustang and Raptor if they gave me one. It will be great to be at this show next year as well. If you happen to be in the area of Carlisle, PA from June 1-3, 2018 make sure to check out the All Ford Nationals. You will not be disappointed.

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