Can Ford Overtake the Electric Car Market?

1280px-2012_Ford_Focus_Electric_2011_LA_Auto_ShowFord is claiming that it has outsold Toyota in the hybrid plug-in segment. However, it is important to take a closer look at this statement. To begin, Ford had to combine the sales of its two hybrid vehicles against Toyota’s Prius.


Ford’s statement is based on the sales of its two hybrid vehicles: the C-Max Energi and the Fusion Energi. Combined, these two vehicles sold 2,179 cars. This is greater than the 2,095 Prius models sold by Toyota. It took two of Ford’s models to beat one of Toyota’s.


This does not take into account that it was Toyota’s all-time bestselling month and that the brand only offers its Prius in 15 states. The Prius still holds top billing over Chevy’s Volt, Nissan’s Leaf and Tesla’s Model S. However, Ford is touting its progress since it is the first major car manufacturer to reach Toyota in the segment.


Ford hybrid sales were up 45 percent from September to October 2013. This comes only one year after the introduction of the C-Max Energi and under one year since previewing the Fusion Energi. California accounts for almost 40 percent of all Ford plug-in hybrid sales.


It is clear that Ford is trying to do more than just sell vehicles. In this segment, few brands have been able to compete with Toyota. Ford is desperately trying to demonstrate its viability in the hybrid market. Ford’s market share may be an indication that it is well on its way to taking control of the hybrid plug-in segment.


Although Toyota’s Prius has been around for years and has established deep ties with drivers, Ford’s electric range in mileage is much more superior. Ford’s vehicles can run up to 21 miles on electric technology. The Prius can only offer an approximate 11- to 14-mile range. Ford also offers other features like better styling and more cargo capacity.


It is too early to say which vehicle is a hands-down winner in all categories, but Ford is definitely coming on very strong. One thing is for sure: The plug-in hybrid market is expanding, and Ford intends to be a serious contender. Its rate of growth is extremely high. If this trend continues, Ford may be able to take control of the electric car market.