Breaking Into Racing With Autocross

parking lot Autocrossing

Autocross is a sport that involves individually timed runs through a particular course of asphalt or concrete. A person must drive through the course as quickly as possible without knocking down cones or hitting gates. It may be a great way to enter racing because it is inexpensive and involves lower speeds. Most autocross events involve drivers competing one at a time. Here is a closer look at this sport.


Three Popular Types of Autocross


Parking lot autocross is the least costly form of this type of racing. The course is usually an open parking lot or infield that has cones set up in a challenging pattern. There are little risks to worry about. The speed is usually lower than a normal road’s speed limit. A beginner should consider starting at this level. It will help a person break poor driving habits and can teach better driving techniques.

high speed autocross

High speed autocross is the next level to conquer. It is also referred to as Time Attack because the races are normally held at real race tracks. It may require a better vehicle and more money. A person will need a helmet and flame retardant clothing. This racing series is an excellent way to achieve high speeds at an affordable price.


Finally, wheel-to-wheel autocross is also an option. The difference between this series and others is that multiple participants compete together simultaneously. It is very competitive and challenging. A person will need a competition license and racecar. This car does not need to cost a fortune, but should be prepped for racing.


How To Begin Autocross


The best way to start autocross is to join an autocross club. Members usually come from different walks of life and all have the common goal of having fun. It is a safe way to fill the need for fast driving excitement. A person will not need to be a member to race, but dues will help to defray costs of various organizational activities and events.