Beware of potholes when you hit the road this spring

On March 20, spring officially sprung – although it may not have felt like it in many parts of the country. Instead, much of America is having a hard time shaking off the winter doldrums – especially in Northern climates where there is still as much as five inches of snow on the ground. However, that doesn't mean you can't start dreaming of warmer weather now. Just because the Groundhog may have lied and we aren't actually going to be enjoying an early spring in most areas, that doesn't mean that we have to completely suffer.

While you can't pull down the hood on your convertible quite yet, you can start compiling a checklist of things to do in order to prep your car before embarking on your maiden voyage this spring.

One hazard that you are sure to encounter when you hit the streets is an uncanny number of potholes. Since many parts of the country have had their worst winter in years, when the streets froze over the past few months following recent major storms, major cracks in the pavement have followed producing major potholes. And since winter storms continued to batter the region well into March, public works departments in most locales have been unable to get a head start on repairing them heading into spring.

Before you hit the road, check the tire pressure on your hot rod to make sure that the tires are all evenly inflated. If you have tires that are too full, they could potentially pop, which could have lasting damage on the axle and wheel hub.

When you go out driving, be aware of the fact that these potholes are going to be out there waiting and do your best to avoid them at all costs. If you find yourself on track to hitting a pothole, don't try braking once you are in the divot, but instead do your best to brake softly beforehand, slide through the hole, then brake again once you have made it out.

This way you can ensure that you'll encounter smooth sailing when you hit the road this winter.