Beautifully Restored 1973 Mach 1

By David Syrba

Please tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m 54 years old and live in Michigan. I am a glass installer.

How did you first learn about Cool Rides Online?

I found you on Facebook!

What Cool Rides do you currently own?

I have a 1973 Mustang Mach 1.

What makes your Cool Ride special?

It’s a completely restored 1973 Mach 1. It was always my dream car growing up.

What’s next for your Cool Ride? 

We have a metro cruise in Grand Rapids. I am looking forward to that and other car shows.

What’s your favorite memory involving your Cool Ride?

Winning a plaque at my first car show was great.

What was the most difficult modification you’ve completed on any of your Cool Rides?

Not too sure.

What is your dream car to own if money was not an issue?

Lamborghini model?

Taking care of collector vehicles is not easy.  Do you have any special tips on how to take care of your Cool Ride in and out of storage?

I put dryer sheets inside the car under the hood in the trunk. It keeps the mice out .They don’t like the smell of them—it works great.

You guys rock! GREAT WEBSITE.


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