Awesome Cars Cruise Ocean City

Every year thousands of car enthusiasts converge on Ocean City, Maryland for the Cruisin’ OC event. Crowds line the Coastal Highway for sights and sounds.

Wednesday morning CRO Champ Curt Kimmel loaded up his Cool Ride and headed to Ocean City to participate in Cruisin’ OC. Two hours later, he arrived at the Ocean City Convention Center and set up the Gold Eagle/CRO booth. Thursday is the first official day of this four day event. Usually the crowds are small since many may still be traveling to the beach but there were a fair amount of people visiting the vendor area of the venue. ┬áMany were interested in Cool Rides Online, and Curt provided instructions through his CRO business card. Something new this year to attract attention was the raffle of a 303 Car Care kit. Entry forms were filled out and placed into a container and one lucky winner will be picked at the conclusion of the show.

Sunny weather on Friday brought many attendees to the Gold Eagle booth. Again, free samples were provided and Cool Rides Online was demonstrated via a laptop and monitor, where May’s Cool Ride of the Month Contest was being shown. Previous years calendars were also displayed and seemed to peak interest by the participants. Erik Estrada, “Ponch” from the television series, “CHIPS”, was present to sign autographs and pose for photos.

Saturday was another sunny day but this day, most people seemed to stay outdoors. Curt was not the only vendor to notice this occurrence. Curt lost access to the internet through the convention centers free WiFi. This was not that big of a problem because he used the Gold Eagle Product videos on the thumb drive he was given in Chicago. These videos presented our products and how to use them for all to see. In the morning the numbers were satisfactory but dwindled in the afternoon. Kevin Mack, of “Counting Cars” was the celebrity of the day. Some of his repeat “customers” returned for some products and provided testimonials to those present about how good our products worked. All were encouraged to “Join the Club” and enter their rides in our monthly contest.

Since the booth was packed up after Saturday’s events at the convention center, Curt drove to the Inlet where most of the 1976 and older cars were parked and on display. He thought that he could sneak in with his newer car and park away from everyone else but got caught and asked to park his 2001 PT Cruiser in a local lot. Upon his return to the inlet, he strolled around the cars and took volumes of photographs and spoke with owners about Cool Rides Online. There were two vehicles that peaked his interest: a Nashamino (a Nash that was turned into an El Camino) and a Plumber’s Delivery van. The Nash was orange in color, had a blown engine, and custom bodywork. The delivery van had two toilets as the seats, a Stilson as a shifter, and plungers on the front bumper. It was a one and only.

Well over 2000 vehicles were registered for this event and thousands more surged into this beach town. Law Enforcement were tasked with chasing down and stopping those who failed to abide with the laws of the road. Spectators lined up and down Coastal Highway witnessing burn-outs, “do-nuts”, and revving engines. 75 people entered the Car Care Kit contest and one lucky lady was selected as the winner. This was another successful event for Gold Eagle/CRO. Lots of product samples were handed out and scores of people were educated on “Joining the Club”.