Art Cars descend upon Houston on May 11

Many people have different preferences when it comes to their taste in muscle cars. Whether you like a clean-cut classic or an outrageous street racer with a bevy of mods, the need for speed is what connects most cool ride fans. However, not all cars that deserve adoration are necessarily speed demons, as sometimes simply having an eye-catching exterior is enough to get some enthusiast's motors running.

This is certainly the case at the 26th Annual Houston Art Car Parade, which comes to this Texas hot spot every May. The parade kicks off an entire weekend of vehicles celebrating folk art and creativity, as artists from around the globe transform otherwise unremarkable rides into miniature parade floats. From a giant stiletto on wheels to Siamese-twin Volkswagens connected at the roof, you never know what you'll see at the largest parade of its kind.

The show is part of an outreach program held by the city's famed Orange Show – an art exhibit designed in a downtown parking lot that features folk art celebrating the bizarre and unconventional. Back in April 1988, the city asked the staff at the orange show to organize a parade, and thus the art car was born.

It started out with 40 cars and 2,000 spectators and has ballooned into the biggest gathering of its kind in the world. Artists the world over now descend upon the city every spring to showcase their creations, and while none of these rides are bound to win any races, they are still worth their mettle in terms of aesthetics.

If you are in Houston this weekend, be sure not to miss the landmark event, which will be taking the city by storm on the afternoon of Saturday, May 11.