Art Cars: A Completely Different Take on Car Customization

Artcarfest in San Francisco

Many car enthusiasts want their car to be special. There are numerous standard kits that can change the speed or exterior of the car. Some people add a unique paint job to the outside of the car as well. A completely different spin on car customization has taken form as people are showing off new art cars.


Standard Ways To Customize A Car


Many people will begin to customize a car by placing extreme stereo equipment into the vehicle. Other people will start with an upgrade to the rims. Since they are available in a wide selection of styles, sizes and materials, new rims will provide a dramatic transformation. Most people opt for chrome rims because they make a car’s appearance pop. It is also possible to tint the windows. Window tint comes in mirror, black or other finishes. Another popular way to customize a car is by changing the paint or adding decals. A nice touch is to add gold or metallic flakes to the paint. Some people will choose candy paint that changes color with various lighting. Pin striping or other decals can be placed anywhere on a vehicle. Flames or other designs are also inexpensive ways to get creative.


Art Cars Taking Shape


The latest and most extreme way to customize a car is called an art car. Often, an art car has a theme related to a hobby or political statement. It can also be a mere case of self expression. In the beginning, a person makes a drawing of the ideas. The next step is to plan the modification, which is often unique and extensive. If a sculpture needs to be created, it is usually placed on the vehicle before the paint job. Instead of just using paint, a person may use a variety of interesting background materials like fur, tile, bottle caps or another medium to attach to the vehicle. The design is usually very extravagant.


In Douglas, Arizona, there is an actual museum dedicated to the Art Car World. A person will be able to view a wide assortment of creative vehicles. A castle, rocket ship and just about anything imaginable can be found at this museum. Over 40 of the most popular Art Cars are on display. As this form of expression increases in popularity, more and more vehicles will be drastically customized.