Are We Seeing The End Of The Hot Rod Generation?

GreaseToday’s car enthusiasts are becoming more and more preoccupied with customizing small muscle cars. The Honda Civic is just one example of a vehicle that is commonly used to tune and make faster. However, a true hot rod lover feels that it is impossible to create a hot rod from this kind of car.


In the past, each car brand had distinguishing characteristics that made them special. Today, most new cars tend to look the same. This fact leads a person to question the future of the hot rod generation.


Some people argue that the “tuner buzz” is merely a fad that will pass. After all, the young crowd is always looking to create a flashy show car. Eventually, this group will retreat and come to appreciate the premise behind traditional hot rodding.


Other people believe that hot rodding is dead. Today’s car standards are much stricter than ever before. Now, car engines must pass strict fuel emission standards. These engines are far from what hot rodders used in the past. Therefore, it is next to impossible to continue with a hot rodding culture.


The final view is that hot rodding is far from dead. It has evolved with the times. Hot rodding is more than the car. It goes deep within reputation. Modern hot rodding has evolved into the direction of efficiency and getting as much power as possible out of a small engine. The old idea of hot rodding was planted in a person developing a fast car that was cool for cruising on weekends. Fuel efficiency had no bearing on the times. As new concerns have developed, hot rodding has been tweaked to fit into the present day.


No matter what opinion a person has, hot rodding will always hold a place in history. It is likely that the idea of evolution is most correct. Back in the 50s, the model “B” Ford was a compact, popular, and cheap car to modify into a hot rod. Today, cars like the Civic are similarly compact, popular, and cheap to modify. Technology has also advanced and does influence hot rodding. In the end, the spirit is the same. Hot rodding is not dead. It has simply changed.