Are The New Classics As Cool As 60s Pony Cars?

1965 Mustang GTToday’s car market is filled with cars that perform at extreme levels. However, many classic car enthusiasts proclaim that the present day classics cannot compare to the pony cars of the 1960s. To uncover whether or not this is true, it is necessary to compare today’s classics with muscle cars of yesteryear.


The Camaro

Everyone is familiar with Chevy’s Camaro. Even though the modern Camaro has a retro style, it looks nothing like the older 1960s Camaro. The power of the car is still as strong as in the past, but the interior of the new Camaro is much more inferior. A person has a difficult time seeing out of the new Camaro, especially in blindspots. The older Camaro was often described as an “airy greenhouse” of windows. In the end, new Camaro cannot compare with the simplicity and function of the old Camaro.


Dodge Challenger

The new Dodge Challenger is a good throwback to the original. Both the old and new styles are large and sound great. Both cars provide a smooth ride, and cargo space is plentiful. Even though the new Challenger fills the definition of a muscle car, the older version still handles better through tight curves.


Ford Mustang

Ford is the only manufacturer to produce a muscle car that is almost equal to the original. The original Mustang drove great on straight roads, but sometimes fell short around tight corners. The new model has a special intake that roars. It handles better than the 1960s version because it is smaller and provides more visibility. Today’s Mustang is one of the few cars that manages to live up to the excitement of the old 1960s pony car tradition.