Are Carbon Revolution Wheels a Good Investment?

carbon_wheelsWith a tough new fuel economy upon us, manufacturing industries are implementing the use of new technologies to increase the performance, safety and refinement of vehicles. The use of carbon fiber is being implemented during the production of parts, panels and, in the case of the upcoming BMW i3, entire body panels. This helps reduce the weight of the vehicle and allows for better gas mileage. Carbon Revolution has announced a unique new use of carbon fiber in the one-piece carbon fiber wheel.


Are Carbon Revolution Wheels An Investment Worth Considering

It is easy to understand how carbon fiber wheels can help reduce fuel consumption. After all, by shaving the weight, you are:


  • Adding horsepower
  • Supporting the braking system
  • Enhancing the grip
  • Boosting the suspension
  • Improving the insulation


However, at a cost of approximately $15,000 for a full set, buyers can become weary in wondering whether the investment is worth such a high price tag. It must be considered, however, that each wheel takes off over 10 pounds per wheel, and this reduces the vehicle’s overall weight by over 40 pounds. Best of all, the vehicle gets around a 45 percent reduction in unsprung mass. This results in better handling, steering and acceleration. If you plan to operate your vehicle for the long-term, the fuel savings and improvement in handling are worth the initial cost.


Just How Much Are Fuel Savings?

While understanding how carbon Revolution Wheels reduce the weight of your vehicle is important, consumers want to know just how much they can anticipate saving before making such a large investment. Based on a verified study, the use of the wheels can save up to 4 percent on fuel. Even better, if the wheels are used in an OEM application, investors can expect to save up to 6 percent.


Are Carbon Revolution Wheels Right for Me?

Gas prices continually fluctuate, and it is impossible to be sure how high they will get. Carbon Revolution wheels may be able to save consumers thousands of dollars, making them the perfect investment for anyone trying to increase the fuel economy of their vehicle.