Are Automakers Going Too Far with Touch Screens?


Over the last few years, cars have become increasingly more dominated by technological features. Some of the most popular infotainment systems are controlled by touchscreens. However, not all of this technology has been well-received by the public. It may be possible that automakers are going too far with touchscreen technology.


Ford Motor Company

Ford is one of the biggest brands in America. They were one of the first manufacturers to incorporate this type of technology in their cars. They have introduced MyFord Touch technology in many of the cars in their line-up. It began in 2011 with the Ford Edge. Most people did not view this feature as user-friendly. However, this poses a conundrum for Ford and other automakers that are trying to meet the technological demands of their customers.


Ford appears to be on the forefront of design. The company’s hands-free system allows a driver to use voice commands and steering wheel-mounted controls to increase concentration on driving and allow for other modern conveniences at the same time. In order to make this touchscreen technology easier to accept, many dealers believe that more education must be given to consumers. It may be necessary to offer better demonstrations of the technology and in-depth explanations.


To Many People’s Dismay, Touchscreen Will Continue


Ford is only one car manufacturer that uses touchscreen technology in their cars. Cadillac has a Cue system, and BMW has an iDrive system. Brands like Hyundai, Audi, Infiniti, and Mercedes Benz also offer a similar interface on many vehicles. It is possible to predict that this touchscreen technology will continue to pop up in more car brands. On a positive note, it is sure to continue to improve as well. Not every car manufacturer will include touchscreen technology in vehicles, but those that wish to meet the demands of drivers who use smartphones and tablets will keep developing newer and better touchscreen systems.


Some people are afraid of new technology. Perhaps it will become necessary to welcome these advancements and enjoy the new world of electronics. There is now more to discuss than the amount of engine horsepower a car produces and how it handles on the road. We are in the age where technology must be discussed since it appears as if touchscreens are not going away.