A sneak preview of the 2014 Camaro

The New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) is one of the most significant annual events for American car makers. While it is usually eclipsed by the North American International Auto Show, which takes place roughly two months earlier in Detroit every year, many of the biggest industry debuts during the NYIAS.

Last year, the NYIAS was all about Dodge, as the brand unveiled two all-new versions of some of its flagship models. The Viper made a grand entrance when Chrysler finally pulled the curtains off of the long-awaited 2014 SRT and SRT race car. As well, the brand made waves when it introduced the 2013 Ram 1500, which may not have looked much different on the outside from its predecessor, but certainly packed a lot of punch when it came to increased torque and towing capacity – making it arguably the most powerful truck on the market.

For 2013, the NYIAS is looking to be GM’s big year to shine, as it is debuting some of the company’s highest profile models of the decade during next week’s show.

One car that spectators got an early look at is the 2014 Camaro. Those of you who are devotees of the popular morning show “Live with Kelly & Michael” probably saw the sneak-peek of the redesigned coupe during the 9 a.m. broadcast of the program on Tuesday – a full day before the car was set to be unveiled before the press.

The designers said that the 2014 Camaro would be the most significant redesign of the fifth-generation, which makes sense given the fact that the latest incarnation of the Camaro has remained relatively unchanged since it was introduced in 2009.

Probably the most notable changes to the exterior of the car are the front and rear fascias. The grill on the new Camaro appears to be much skinnier than its predecessor and the headlights seem more squinted and rectangular. Instead of a traditional grid, the new grill has more distinct vertical striping with two thin horizontal bars that line up perfectly with the centrally-located bow-tie emblem.

The body on the new Camaro remains relatively unchanged upon initial inspection, as it still mirrors the attractive silhouette of the original first-generation hugger. However, once you get to the rear of the car, it becomes apparent that the designers wanted to infuse a little bit of the next generation Corvette into the company’s more mainstream sportscar, as the tail lights are closer together and more pronounced than the current model.

The next most significant change that you’ll likely notice is a throwback hood that features air intakes reminiscent of the ones found on the induction hood that was popular on the first-generation RS models. This hood is likely not standard, as the model previewed on morning television was the SS trim level and features like this are probably limited to special trim levels.

There are several other big debuts at the 2013 NYIAS, including the much anticipated next generation Cadillac CTS, Buick Regal and Jeep Grand Cherokee. What models are you looking forward to this year? Leave your comments below: