A Maserati Off-Road?

When the brand Maserati comes to mind, most people think speed, luxury, or expensive. Off-road usually doesn’t come to mind, but Ignition went against the opinions of what others recognize with the Maserati brand and took the new Levante off the beaten path!

Starting at $74,790, this does not sound like the type of vehicle you want to go beating off road, but Ignition wanted to prove that just in case you wanted to take your investment off the pavement and hit the trails you could! The Levante has adjustable air suspension, so you can raise it for the trails and lower it for the highway. Who doesn’t need some awesome tunes on the trail? You can get an optional 1280-watt, 17 speaker system from Bowers & Wilkins. And then you also get all the luxury features you would expect from Maserati, like leather interior, stitched edging, and all the latest electronics.

Moral of the story is if you want luxury with Jeep like capabilities, the Maserati Levante may be your next purchase. That is, if you want to spend 75k.

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