A Look at the Worst Woodies Ever

AMC Eagle WagonIn the first days of the auto industry, steel was very expensive. To cut costs, manufacturers used wood instead. This was an easy transition because most companies had experience crafting wooden horse-drawn carriages. The first car to become mass produced from wood was the 1901 Oldsmobile. Even though this car marked the high point of the woodie, there were some modern vehicles that embarrassed the segment.



1. Chevrolet Chevette Estate Coupe

Chevrolet Chevette Estate CoupeThe Chevette Estate Coupe woodie was a far cry from the Master 85 Model JB, Chevy’s first entry into the woodie segment. Despite the name, the design of this particular Chevette was not attractive to wealthy car buyers. However, Chevrolet managed to sell over 8,000 of this model.


2. Ford Escort GLX Wagon

Ford Escort GLX WagonThe Ford Escort has always been a popular compact model. This woodie wagon tried to capture the positive aspect of a larger station wagon but in a smaller version. This car was the first woodie manufactured as a regular Ford production vehicle. Unfortunately, the wood trim was actually a vinyl imitation.


3. Dodge Colt Wagon

Dodge Colt WagonThe Dodge Colt Wagon possessed a 2.6-liter, four-cylinder hemi engine. However, this was the only positive feature the car possessed. Similar to the Ford Escort GLX Wagon, the exterior woodie design was crafted from vinyl as well. Instead of adding style, it detracted from the car’s appearance.


4. AMC Eagle Wagon

AMC Eagle WagonOn paper, the AMC Eagle Wagon was quite functional. It was a four-wheel drive car that was an early version of today’s popular crossover. However, the company ruined everything with the ridiculous “woodie” appearance that was made of vinyl.


5. Smart Fortwo Woodie Package

Smart Fortwo Woodie PackageEven though woodies have not been made in quite some time, certain customers still ask for the look. This has inspired an aftermarket to meet the demand. George Barris, a famous car customizer, created a bizarre woodie design for the Smart Car. It simply looked silly.