A look at Hagerty’s Top 10 Future Collector Cars under $100,000

Recently, collector car insurance company Hagerty released its list of the 10 cars under $100,000 that are likely to be the collector classics of tomorrow. Every year the insurer compiles the list based around a number of factors ranging from dependability to appearance.

The top cars on the list are usually pretty predictable, as a few select nameplates every year seem to repeatedly get recognition. The Corvette, for example, is one perennial favorite that is almost always a sure bet to be somewhere on the list. This year, Hagerty chose the Corvette 427 convertible for its ranking as a car that is sure to hold its value for years to come.

Another American icon which has been absent from the list, and from the streets, in previous years is the SRT Viper, which Dodge recently reintroduced for the 2014 model year. Designed in collaboration with Fiat, this car has the heart of an American hot rod but the finesse of an Italian supercar.

The Tesla Model S is one car that really stands out from the rest of the pack, as this is the only all-electric model in the ranking. It should come as no surprise then that the S is anticipated to be a collector's item somewhere down the line, having already won the coveted Motor Trend Car Of The Year distinction among other plaudits.

While most of the cars on the list are all-out sports cars, not every model is necessarily your traditional hot rod. The Mini John Cooper Works GP, for example, is a ride that may not look too mean on the outside but is definitely a true performer, with handling and power that make it a top-notch street machine.

Other cars on the list, like the Ford Focus ST and the Subaru BRZ, don't seem to me like they'll be hot commodities down the line. What cars on the list seem like winner to you? Leave your comments below: