Dealing with rear quarter panel tire rubber removal

I think most drag racers look at tire rubber buildup on their rear quarter panel with a certain disdain. It’s the same look I get when I just bought a new pair of workout pants only to find a food stain. And just as with regular stains, it seems like everyone has a remedy – passed down by a relative or friend of a friend of a friend – about how to best deal with this buildup.

This sentiment was perhaps best summed up by Cool Rides Online forum moderator DAWG in a post from 2011.

“I’ve tried a lot of stuff to remove the rubber and haven’t found anything that really works,” the retired Navy veteran and ’69 Camaro owner said in a comment on the site’s General Off Topic thread.

Similarly, looking around the internet, there’s a bunch of chatter about how to deal with this buildup. Some car enthusiasts, for instance, swear by vegetable oil or cooking spray, provided this stuff is sprayed on after each turn. Others suggest WD40, masking tape or expensive products.

Burnout guards and clear plastic sheets that can be attached to these areas are also among the cure-alls for this problem. However, these investments can get expensive, around $10 to $15 for a spray-on guard or around $50 for the right plastic.

Still, other car owners wear this rubber as a badge of pride. For example, novaderrik, a commenter on the Chevrolet Chevelle owner’s blog, summed up this sentiment on the feed.

“Why would you want to take the rubber off your quarter panels?” he wrote. “Why go to all the effort of putting it there in the first place if you are just gonna take it right back off? I swear, sometimes it seems like you guys are speaking a foreign language…”

Parece que necesitamos una mejor soluciĆ³n (Seems like we need a better solution).