4 Important Tips for the Novice Classic Car Collector

classic cars, classic car collectors, car collectorsYou may already be imagining the envious looks of your neighbors as you cruise down the street in a restored beauty, but check out these tips for buying and storing a classic car so you don’t get taken for a ride during the whole process.


Beware of Counterfeits

It is easier to counterfeit a classic car than to print a bogus dollar bill. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) tags can be swapped, fenders can be altered and numbers on engine blocks can be altered. Avoid getting scammed by looking for cars with strong documentation of their histories, including a paper chain of ownership, original window stickers and warranty cards.


Buy an Unmodified Car

The best classic car you can buy is one that is as original as possible with low mileage  “Restomods” that have an original appearance but modern engines under the hood may drive better, they do not have the same intrinsic value as cars that are classics inside and out.


Avoid Auction Fever

While classic car auctions can be good places to find great cars, they can also be a place where you get caught up in bidding competition and get in over your head. Avoid this by researching the type of car you want before you head out to the auction and determining a range of values that honestly represent what you can afford to spend. Stick to those guidelines even when bidding gets intense.


Off-Season Classic Car Storage

Prep your car for off-season storage by giving it a good detailing to remove salts and road grime. Change or drain the fluids and fill the universal joints with fresh grease. Bleed the brake system, drain the fuel tank and cooling system and remove the battery.  Raise the car and remove the tires, depress the clutch and cover it with cotton flannel fabrics that allow air to circulate and won’t ruin your car’s paint job. Taking these steps prepares your car for its winter nap and ensures it will be road-ready come spring.

If you are an experienced classic car collector, please share any other tips that you may have for someone looking to start a collection in the comments below.

Image By: ATOMIC Hot Links