3 Top Tips to Keep Your Classic Car in Tip Top Condition

chevy camaroA classic car may be a timeless work of art, but the passage of time can still take a heavy toll. To preserve its monetary and sentimental value, a classic car requires special maintenance above and beyond the requirements for a daily driver. Fortunately, there are a number of simple tips that can make a big difference. Here are three of the best ways to ensure that your classic car always stays in tip-top shape.


Top Tip #1 – Mind the Moisture

From tarnish and corrosion to mechanical gremlins and other issues, there’s no telling how many otherwise beautiful classic cars have been ruined by an improper storage environment. The first step to proper storage begins with choosing an area that’s low in moisture. A dry, well-sealed storage facility is a great option, but a dehumidifier can be used to reduce moisture in a pinch. Another convenient option is a storage bubble, which seals the car inside a stable, car-friendly environment.


Top Tip #2 – Maintain It Regularly

While routine maintenance is important for any vehicle, it’s absolutely essential for a classic car. It should be serviced once per year at a minimum, and fluid levels should be checked often and topped off when necessary. If the car isn’t driven regularly, it should be started at least every other week and allowed to reach normal operating temperature for no less than ten minutes. Disconnect the battery or use a trickle charger if you’ll be storing your car for an extended period of time. Finally, check the pressure in each tire regularly and keep them properly inflated at all times.


Top Tip #3 – Use a Specialist

Bringing your classic car to a specialist dealer provides several advantages. Most importantly, a specialist is more likely to be familiar with the level of care required for a classic. They will also have a more thorough understanding of the peculiarities of each car. In addition, having your car serviced by a specialist is a big bonus if you should ever decide to sell. Specialist servicing communicates to prospective buyers that your car has been exceedingly well-maintained.