3 Tips Before You Drive Home for the Holidays

christmas holiday drivingAs the holidays approach, many people hit the road to be with family. With gas prices going down lately, more people are looking to drive moderate to long distances to save some money.

Before getting in the car, it is important to ensure vehicle safety. Here are three tips to consider before driving away.


Holiday Driving Tip #1 – Check Car Tires

Easy things to check before attempting a road trip are the car’s tires. It can be extremely dangerous to be on a major road with poor tires. If they are bare, it may be difficult to steer through various weather conditions. In worst-case scenarios, tires may completely blow out.

Before leaving, a person should examine the wear bars and the tread. A trick is to place a penny in the tread. If Lincoln’s eyebrows are visible, it is time to replace the tire.

All tires should contain correct levels of air. If under-inflated, tires can explode. It is also important to check the spare. In case a flat occurs, it is essential to have a solid backup.


Holiday Driving Tip #2 – Lift the Hood

Before a road trip, it is important to pop the hood and check all fluids. It is essential to have proper levels of oil and power steering, brake, and transmission fluids. Also, it is wise to search for cracks or splits in belts and hoses. Finally, it is vital to check the battery. If the installation date was over three years ago, it is smart to buy a replacement. Keeping order under the hood helps prevent problems during a trip.


Holiday Driving Tip #3 – Pack an Emergency Kit

Emergencies can occur at any time, and no one likes being stuck on the side of the road. Having a kit prepared provides basic necessities in times of trouble. The contents may help patch the vehicle enough to get it to a nearby mechanic. Smart items to have include jumper cables, extra oil, antifreeze, duct tape, a flashlight, roadside flares, and a small tool kit.

Before hitting the road, it is important to follow tips to stay safe. Checking the tires, inspecting under the hood, and packing an emergency kit are just a few ways to get prepared. They will help a person experience a fun time with family.