2014 Challenger Shaker: A Classic Modern Muscle Car

2014-ShakerThe 2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker is the latest special edition of Dodge’s reimagined Challenger muscle car. Aficionados of classic muscle cars will no doubt be familiar with the Shaker namesake. The new edition is a throwback to the Challenger Shaker models of the 1970s, featuring a similarly designed Shaker hood with an integrated cold-air intake scoop. In addition to the iconic hood, Dodge has added some other performance goodies to the 2014 Shaker edition to set it apart from other Challenger models.


Shaking up the New Challenger with Unique Performance Features

The most notable feature here is the addition of the classic Shaker hood, which looks remarkably similar to 1970s versions of the Dodge Challenger Shaker. The hood features a large center cutout through which the black Shaker cold-air intake protrudes and adds an aggressive look. This allows the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 to breathe easier as oncoming air is rammed directly into the intake vents, which should slightly boost power while delivering reliable performance through reduced intake temperatures.

Dodge has also souped up the Shaker edition with a number of Super Track Pak features. Performance-tuned steering reduces the steering ratio for improved response in aggressive handling scenarios. Handling is further improved via a stiffer suspension, Goodyear Eagle Supercar tires and a three-mode electronic stability control that can be fully deactivated for optimum track performance. The 2014 Challenger Shaker also features bigger brakes tucked inside its huge 20-inch polished aluminum wheels.


Exterior and Interior Features of the 2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker

In addition to the performance goodies, Dodge has added a slew of exterior and interior features to make the Shaker edition stand out from other Challenger models. Uniquely-designed hood, roof, and decklid stripes complement the Shaker for a more aggressive overall appearance. Other exterior additions include a body-color front grill liner and a blacked-out fuel door.

On the inside, the Shaker edition is fitted with racing-inspired leather seats that feature high side bolsters and a unique Shaker logo. The performance-oriented steering wheel, with its attractive silver accents and flat-bottomed shape, is another standout feature. Other interior accents include a bright metal pedal kit, customized door trim with sepia stitching and blacked-out bezels. Finally, the special-edition Shaker instrument panel features individual numbering, making each 2014 Challenger Shaker a unique collector’s item for muscle car enthusiasts.