1970 Plymouth Awarded Ride of the Year

After winning the October 2016 Ride of the month contest, Dale Renner and his 1970 Plymouth Duster became a contestant for the coveted Ride of the Year award. After a fierce battle, Renner and his Duster came out on top again! STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer and Mr. Mow-It-All of the U.S.L.M.R.A. were able to present him with his crystal award in Florida last month:

“My experience was honestly pretty amazing,” Renner said. “The atmosphere right from the get ‘mow’ was exciting! The competitors were very friendly and answered all my questions without hesitation. Seeing these guys and girls fly around the track was pretty downright cool. As soon as I unloaded my car these guys treated me as one of their own and we all had a great time. Being a VIP added so much and I hope I represented Cool Rides Online well!”

Renner’s pink Duster is an amazingly Cool Ride. Take a look at pictures from the event:

“I’m thrilled to be CRO Ride of the Year,” said Renner. “I’ve had so much fun becoming part of the CRO community and joining with my fellow car enthusiasts around the country to celebrate our love of cool rides.  I’m looking forward to representing Cool Rides Online in the year ahead.”

Check out the contestants that Renner ran against and our Facebook page for videos, photos, and more!

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