15 Dumb Automobile Laws Across the World

Dumbest Automobile LawsLaws are often created to keep things civilized and orderly. However, sometimes, these laws may sound crazy. Here are 15 of the dumbest automobile laws that are in effect throughout the world.


1. In Little Rock, Arkansas, a person is not allowed to suddenly stop or start a car while it is parked in front of the drive-through lane of a fast food restaurant.


2. In California, no vehicle without a driver can go over 60 mph on any road.


3. In Texas, it is not legal to drive a car that does not have windshield wipers. This may seem to make sense, but a driver is not legally bound to have an actual windshield.


4. In Switzerland, a person cannot wash a car on Sunday.


5. In Australia, it is illegal to keep car keys in an unattended vehicle.


6. In Denver, Colorado, it is against the law to drive a black car on Sunday.


7. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there is an ordinance in effect, which makes it illegal to park for more than two hours without a horse tied to the vehicle.


8. In Yukon, Oklahoma, a person must honk the car’s horn while passing another vehicle.


9. In Alabama, it is not legal to drive a car while blindfolded.


10. In California, a person cannot use a laptop while on the road.


11. Both the states of California and Tennessee ban a person from shooting an animal while in a vehicle, unless it is a whale.


12. In Montana, it is illegal to keep a sheep unattended while in a truck.


13. In Alaska, it is not legal to tie a dog to the roof of a car and drive.


14. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, does not allow a person to leave trash or old food inside a vehicle because it may attract rats.


15. In Massachusetts, a person will be fined if there is a gorilla found in a person’s back seat.