10 Cars That Were Discontinued Too Soon

2007 Dodge MagnumOver the last few decades, several obscure and popular cars alike have unfairly had their production ended. Here are some cars that never should have disappeared from the assembly line:


1. Ford GT (RIP 2006)

For just a few precious years, Ford sold a street version of this car that offered drivers a chance to drive a vehicle with amazing pedigree that also featured a timeless design, and features that were ahead of its time.


2. Pontiac G8 GXP (RIP 2009)

The disappearance of Pontiac from GM’s roster signaled a time for mourning for car enthusiasts, and the resulting disappearing act of the G8 required fans to bow their heads at the loss of this super vehicle.


3. Honda S2000 (RIP 2009)

Every Mazda Miata wishes that it came out of a Honda factory with “S2000” stamped on it. With an extraordinary engine, the S2000 was the Miata’s meaner, older brother, and it didn’t even require roll bars to look cool.


4. Ford Crown Vic (RIP 2012)

These cars saw millions of miles on the roads in police pursuits, but Ford’s hardy Crown Victoria wasn’t just a favorite for cops and cab drivers.


5. Pontiac Solstice (RIP 2009)

Another victim of Pontiac’s death, much of the appeal of this zippy sports car has remained in the years since GM stopped production.


6. Mitsubishi Eclipse (RIP 2013)

Extraordinarily popular in the 1990s, this long-running model saw a sad fall into obscurity in the 2000s due to a lack of attention from Mitsubishi.


7. Ford Ranger (RIP 2011)

Although it was in production for nearly 30 years, the demise of the Ford Ranger in 2011 signaled a notable shift by automakers to abandon compact pickup trucks in favor of developing beast-mode full-size trucks.


8. Mazda RX-8 (RIP 2011)

Although it had terrible fuel economy, this drawback didn’t stop Mazda fans from loving how this car handled on the road until Mazda discontinued it.


9. Toyota FJ Cruiser (2013)

This off-road friendly SUV offered a questionable exterior style, and until Toyota confirmed it was ending the model, the FJ was one of the best vehicles on the road that could tackle a daily commute or the side of a mountain.


10. Dodge Magnum (RIP 2008)

Most drivers don’t consider a station wagon an exciting vehicle, but the Magnum’s reemergence in 2004 as one of the last American-made station wagons never had a chance to find an audience.