Meet Our Champs

CRO Champs are leaders, love cool rides, and going to shows.
CRO Champ Curt Kimmel

About Curt: It was a little over six years ago that I was surfing the Internet for car shows and car related websites. I found Cool Rides Online and checked it out. It was very easy to join; I entered my information and then learned how to upload photos of my 2001 PT Cruiser. Currently, I get to attend a lot of car shows and being a representative for Cool Rides offers me more opportunities to let others know about this great Community. Being a CRO Champ has also provided me opportunities to support local car shows and even sponsor the shows.

Curt’s Cool Ride: 2001 PT Cruiser

Recent Shows: CRO Champ Curt Kimmel has been to plenty of exciting shows this season! Check out some pictures from his shows:


Check out his MOPAR show recap here!


About Ron: I have started two car shows in Midland TX that are in their 11th year.  One is a fund Raiser that has raised over $2 million for Autism and MARC with big name entertainers like :  Little Big Town, and Martina McBride.  I am a huge fan of Auto auction and attend at least two per year, usually a Mecum Auction and Barrett Jackson.  I, like many other folks, have owned some great cars and wished that I still have them.

Ron’s Cool Rides: My meager collection contains a 1965 Mustang 289 High Performance, a 1970 Eliminator…of course a corvette and Trans Am not to mention a Dodge Challenger RT.

Why I joined: I was surfing the internet a few years ago looking for info on my cars ( I had 4 cougars at the time) and saw a friend that I had help start a Cougar Club in Kentucky looking at the site and I went to see what he was looking at.  This was like an “online car show” for me and it had information about classic cars and it had guys on it that were willing to help with guys like me who learned from their mistakes.  I met some of the guys on the site and I was hooked on it.  I am still a member because these guys help recognize car “guys” (and gals) and help educate them on the best methods of protecting their investments.  I am a huge fan of StaBil, 303 products and oil stabilizer.  These products have kept my classic cars in great running condition.


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Check out what OTHER CHAMPS have been up to….

Phil Martin attended the 45th Van Nationals in Ohio.

” They had a slow drag which pitted van against van for who crossed the line last. They also had a burnout contest which was won by Michael Lapoint in his Destroyer muraled Dodge Van.”


Dale Renner attended the Bay Life Car Show in SW Florida

“I heard about this event from several other coworkers and many car people and decided I would go for the 1st Time and I will have to say I will definitely be back next year.”